The secret story behind the birth of the shop 

Founded in 1907, soba restaurant Koshinan As a long-established soba restaurant, Takayuki Omori, the fourth-generation owner of the restaurant, decided to preserve the noren that had been passed down from generation to generation, and there was no doubt that he would continue to run the soba restaurant until he grew old. However, in 2019, I found out that my family had a buckwheat allergy. It is said that buckwheat allergy is extremely dangerous and cannot be cured. I continued to have a conflict that I could not feed soba that I worked hard on soba.

In 2022, when the owner turned 44, he decided to become an udon restaurant. I want my family to eat it! When I went to eat in Kagawa Prefecture, I was shocked by how delicious it was. That's right! I decided to go to Kagawa, the home of Sanuki udon, and learn from scratch. It is completely different from soba in the way it is made, the ingredients in the soup stock are completely different, and the soy sauce, tempura oil, and tempura powder that go well with udon are also completely different. Still, I was able to feel the joy of feeding my family, and it was fun to make a prototype. Until now, I could not force my family to eat the soba noodles I made. I can finally let my family eat the udon I made. A dream come true! That's why we named our restaurant Udon Kazoku. All our customers are family. Family is a bond, a blood bond, more than thinking about people. We would appreciate it if you could feel the warmth and kindness of people when you visit us. 

Owner Takayuki Omori 



Udon making 

Udon is made only with all-purpose flour and salt water. Preparation begins the day before by adding salt water to the flour. Train and rest, train and rest, repeat over and over again. His udon is firm, flexible, and tenacious. I will do my best to make a bowl of udon that customers will think is delicious. 


Sanuki udon is evolving day by day. Sanuki udon 10 years ago is different from today's udon. I was told that the udon that customers want to eat is changing day by day. Under such circumstances, we contracted with a flour milling company in Kagawa, the home of Sanuki udon, and while receiving advice from the owner on the type of udon that we would like to make, we select flour that matches the times and work hard every day to make udon. Kagawa's chewy powder, Australia's sticky powder, and Hokkaido's rich and chewy powder.This is our unique blend.
The dried sardines caught in the nearby Seto Inland Sea, unlike those from the open sea, are landed immediately on the same day and are very fresh. This is a triple dashi soup that wraps the umami with Hokkaido Rishiri kelp and adds even more deliciousness with dried mackerel, dried soda, and dried bonito.


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